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Scott Yancey

June 26, 2016

It turns out which however study from this offer how his funds could perform pertaining to him, as well as that he could set his eyes a little higher on what he wanted to do with it.. That Will just about all changed though, when his boss pulled him aside as well as questioned if he’d get a property license to aid out with a new few of his deals. If they had chosen that route, it’s likely that Scott and also Amie will be nowhere close to exactly where they are today.

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Growing up inside Studio City, CA, 14-year-old Scott hadn’t truly believed with regards to real estate until he has been approached as well as inquired if he’d NAREI workshop like to buy a second believe in deed on a home. Scott Yancey’s encounter along with title have got grow to be far much more recognizable using the achievement of his hit A&E television show Flipping Vegas, but what could surprise viewers is that Scott features been working in real-estate for more than 20 years! Together With his initial deal happening when he was only 14 many years old, it’s possibly pretty sure that this real estate guru is aware of his means across the market.

When he heard how little everyone was spending cash on properties inside Nevada for you to then rent these people out to end up being able to tenants, Scott saw a new golden opportunity

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