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The Stock Market Cares A Lot About The Budget Fiasco

October 17, 2013

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Lets assume that budget Armageddon was expected to reduce stock values by 20%. Thats obviously huge, so in that case it would be wrong to say the stock market doesnt care about the budget fight. 2. Lets assume that last Thursday investors saw a 15% chance of a budget Armageddon. Thats small, but obviously still significant. By Friday evening the perceived risk of default may have fallen to 5%. With 10% less chance of budget Armageddon that would reduce stock prices by 20%, stocks rallied by 2%. Of course these numbers are merely illustrative. 3.

Manipulating the stock market in GTA 5 – guaranteed success (ROI 50%)

I will now tell you in short how I managed to make a 50% return on investment without having to do this by means of Franklin assassinating CEOs. I invested all my money in Bob Mulet stocks when they are near their lowest value. This investment involved approximately 850 million at a stock price of 6.94, thus buying 122.478.386 shares. The reason that I invested in a low valued stock (low value when compared to other stocks on the market) is that your ROI will increase faster even when achieving only incremental look at The Elevation Group changes in stock price value. In fact, after several (real life) hours I managed to increase my ROI to 51%, making a profit of 433,5 million. This is how it works/how I did this.


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