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Meet The Team Behind The Elevation Group

October 14, 2013

is coming up on the greatest wealth transfer in human history. The ‘Land of the Free, and the Home of The Brave’, has become the elevation group for real the Land of the Slaves and Home of The Victims. But with the proper knowledge, anyone can put themselves on the right side of the transfer. This belief was the fuel that fired the creation of The Elevation Group (EVG).

Our economy is evolving at a faster pace than anyone could have ever dreamed and EVG is right at the forefront.” Tom Wheelwright CPA Founder and CEO of how much is the elevation group ProVision Wealth Strategists “The Elevation Group is the best organization I have ever worked with. They provide clear, honest financial education for an unbeatable price.” Mauricio Rauld Founder and CEO of Premier Law Group “Education is the foundation of any investment and wealth management strategy, which is why I am honored to have the privilege to work so closely with EVG and all of its advisors.” Licensed broker and a Certified Commercial Investment Member “The Elevation Group” properly does what so few financial advisors are willing to do.” Mike Mauceli Chief Executive Officer, Reef Oil and Gas Companies “Ive had the pleasure of being an advisor with Mike and Robert at EVG for a short period of time and was immediately impressed by their understanding of the financial business.” Adrian Lufschanowski Partner in Thrive, FP “The Elevation Group is a platform that educates and empowers those who are eager to change from the old style investing. Regardless of background or economic status, we can all relate to the information EVG provides.” Ken McElroy Entrepreneur “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The Elevation Group is committed to changing the way education is delivered and I want to be part of that change.”


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