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Investing Smart: Biotechs, Effective Therapies And Shareholder-friendly Ceos

October 3, 2013

Why Passive Investing Gets Better in Retirement

For patients who have BRAF mutation, which is about 50% of patients, they are given Zelboraf. Although 50% of these patients respond quickly with tumors disappearing, the response doesn’t last long and the disease comes back in 6-9 months. The other 50% patients are given Yervoy, which has an 11% overall response rate (tumors receding by greater than 50%) and increases median survival by about 3.5 months. In either case, majority of patients recur by 9 months and there are no good treatments available that have demonstrated any survival advantage as second line/salvage therapy.

Investing in Ability events begin Oct. 21

They also are free of charge and open to all members of the university community and the public. Events include: Oct. 21 “Lunch and Learn with Disability Advocate Richard Bernstein,” noon-2 p.m., Alumni Center, 200 Fletcher St.; register online . Oct. 22 A service dog demonstration with Paws with a Cause, noon-2 p.m., Graduate Library, Gallery Room 100. Oct. 24 Composer Paul Skripnik performs music created post epilepsy surgery, noon-1 p.m., University Hospital Lobby; Epilepsy Lecture featuring two of Paul’s UMHS physicians, 2-3:30 p.m., MHCH Auditorium. Oct. 28 Two perspectives on depression Eric Hipple: “Real Men Do Cry,” and Blake Wagner: “inkblots: Tiny shifts can lead to BIG changes,” noon-2 p.m., School of Social Work, 1080 South University Ave., Educational Conference Center (ECC) room 1840; register online .

Even a mathematical wonder who seldom makes mistakes could experience cognitive decline as he advances in years. The emotional toll of investing in equities is less taxing. Market valuations decline all the time, and it can be just as gut wrenching to see a passive portfolio balance shrink as an active one. The difference, however, is a passive portfolio’s valuation is more likely to come back up. This is because passive investing is based on the total market. By hanging on and not selling, you are indirectly making a bet that the U.S. and global economies are going to continue to grow through time an extremely likely event unless the world is ending.


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