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Ted Rubin: Why ‘Return On Relationship’ Makes Marketing Dollars (And Social Media Sense)

August 5, 2013

User-generated sites like Twitter or Facebook are all-important in todays marketplace. Where marketers get the information they trust (Image courtesy of These stats are not to be ignored. But many marketing execs are ignoring themlets find out why. Marketing Decision Makers Dont Connect With What People Really Want What could possibly make decision makers ignore whats staring them in the face in a social sphere that can shift at the drop of a dime? Rubin sums it up with one word: laziness. Theyre wrapped up in the plan of how they perceive their brand, says Rubin. They probably know their retail customer, and their digital customer, but most have failed miserably at getting to understand the passion points of their social consumer; staying connected takes a lot of work.

Is Social Media Really Marketing?

Pinterest wants to make its site more engaging for users while also helping content providers, and it’s doing that by adding more information to select types of pins. Recipe pins can now show ingredients — though you’ll have to visit the original source to find the actual recipe instructions. Movie pins will display movie info and product pins may show pricing. According to Pinterest’s head of engineering, Jon Jenkins, this type of content-rich pin may spread to other categories, such as music and sports. — CNET Get this: top Russian social network offers Edward Snowden a job. In the brave new world of 2013, leaking sensitive intelligence information and becoming a fugitive can actually lead to a job opportunity.

Social Media Service HootSuite Raises $165 Million in Big Financing Round

Franchise News

Social media is important, and it is a critical part of your marketing plan. But don’t think that marketing planning has changed all that dramatically. There are just many more outlets today for you to consider for your messaging. All the social media outlets that are available fit well into the components of an integrated marketing communications plan: advertising, social media sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, and personal selling. You can offer coupons and discounts on Twitter or Facebook; you can advertise your offerings on virtually all of these platforms; you can handle your crisis management through Twitter; Twitter can also be used as a form of direct marketing.


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