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3 nutrition myths that are severely impeding your post-workout recovery

June 11, 2013

DSM to contribute to new 2020 global nutrition target

The specific combination of these two macronutrients aids in their optimal absorption. Myth #2: Chocolate milk is a good option for a recovery drink. “The idea behind it [Chocolate Milk] being a recovery drink is that it’s got all the things you’re supposed to have after you work out. It’s got water to replenish the water you lose when you sweat, protein…and carbohydrates.” The problem, says Stephanie, is that the sources of these ingredients are not in their most useful form.

Liquid Nutrition to Open U.S. Flagship Store in Miami

As a first step, they will support the productivity and health of their workforces by introducing a nutrition policy and improving policies for maternal health, including support for breastfeeding mothers. Some businesses snack ideas for kids will also take further steps by improving the nutrition delivered by food systems so that mothers and children have access to the affordable, nutritious foods they need. The DSM commitment DSM plans to help provide effective nutrition interventions to 50 million beneficiaries (pregnant and lactating woman and children under two) per year by 2020. DSM expects to reach these beneficiaries through its existing public-private partnerships, such as with the World Food Programme, Vitamin Angels and World Vision International as well as advocacy and using its sphere of influence.

Human Barbie Doll holds the record for most money spent on cosmetic surgery

store at 1616 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, Fla. The South Beach location, which is scheduled to open in third quarter of this year, will serve as Liquid Nutrition’s first market development in the U.S. unit with additional outlets opening in in New York, N.Y. and Beverly Hills, Calif. as part of a 70-unit sales target in 2013.


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