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One Meal A Day Diet Yahoo What You Need To Know About Regarding Very Low Calorie Diet Plan

May 21, 2013

Important Information Regarding Very Low Calorie Diets

There are numerous diet plans plans to pick from and a very low calorie diet plans is just one of the many possibilities. Since these are diets that restrict your calorie intake to very low levels, you shouldn’t try one without medical advice. While doctors will sometimes recommend them to patients who need to lose weight quickly, they’re not safe for everyone. We’ll be focusing on some of the features of very low calorie diets in this article.

When it comes to very low calorie diets people often find them hard to stick to. It is not easy to maintain a diet plan that only lets you consume 800 or less calories a day. People will typically start to gain weight once they come off the diet even though they have lost weight while on it. That’s why it’s important to come up with a long term strategy for changing your lifestyle and eating a healthier diets. This is so you keep the weight off that you have lost rather than going back to your old habits after the very low calorie diet.

The Rice Diet was comprised in the 1930s by Walter Kempner, who felt that a food regimen that was largely made up of rice; was a good treatment for such illnesses as hypertension and kidney disease. This food regimen could be useful to you if you are interested in reducing your size. This diet plan does not call for rice alone, but it is eaten with absolutely everything else you do eat; so you are up for a battle if you do not already like rice. The advantage of the Rice Diet is that it cuts out processed foods, and is extremely low in fat, salt and sugar. On the other hand, this is a fairly extreme diet so that it’s not something most people will want to do forever.

A very low calorie diet plans, called the Cambridge Diet, was produced in England back in the 1970s. On this particular diets you are provided with some pre-packaged foods that have all of the required nutrients already calculated for you, which helps keep your intake of calories low. These are in the form of shakes, soups and meal bars. Even though this diet plan has been in existence for a while, and a lot of people have had success on it, it does carry some disadvantages. You must drink plenty of water to avoid being dehydrated, and you can only do exercise at a very low intensity. People also may find that they get tired of eating nothing but packaged meals. Before going on a diet plan like the Cambridge Diet you need to consult your doctor to find out whether it’s safe for you.

From this article you can see that very low calorie diet plans have good and bad points to them. They are mainly recommended if you are extremely overweight, as this can contribute to health problems such as hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. But if you are not threatened by these problems it is best for you to just exercise and maybe adjust your diet plans.


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