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Hair Loss And Diet -Understanding The Link

May 14, 2013

leptiburn reviews Did you know that what you eat can affect hair loss? It can, specifically because nutrition (not just genetics) can affect this process.

Oftentimes, hair loss is a genetic predisposition. If that is the case for you, changing your diet will not help. However, by making sure you are getting essential nutrients you can minimize hair loss, and this will support any other measures you are taking to control this problem.

One nutrient that can make a difference in the health of your hair is silica. What silica actually does is help your hair, plus it also helps with your skin tone and its elasticity. The nails on your fingers and toes will also benefit. There seems to be a commonality between those that have skin conditions, weak nails and thinning hair. Silica helps to rebuild connective tissues all over the body and can help to slow down or prevent hair loss. You can find silica as a supplement, either by itself or in formulas. If you like taking homeopathic remedies, silica can be found in many of them. B vitamins are important for many reasons, and they are definitely essential for maintaining the health and vitality of your hair. Your hair is going to be unhealthy, if you are not putting enough B vitamins into your body. A diet containing foods with B vitamins, like green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans, is what you should be eating. A diet that is healthy and well rounded is not always easy to find these days, but it would give you all of the essential vitamins you should have. When you realize how many B vitamins there are, you might want to get a vitamin supplement that has them all, since that will be the easiest way.

If you’re concerned about hair loss, you should make sure you’re getting enough of several essential minerals. One of the best supplement you can take, that actually detoxifies you and improve your immune system, is selenium.

By taking selenium are regular basis, you can combat heavy metal toxicity that you may have and also repair damage done by environmental factors. If you take a supplement called zinc, it can help you build stronger hair follicles and promote hair growth as well. Another important mineral for your hair is iodine, which is most commonly found in salt. At the same time, it’s best to use salt in moderation and to look for healthy types of sea salt rather than common table salt.

Your scalp and hair have many of the same nutritional needs as the rest of your body, so any deficiency is going to affect the growth of your hair. If you do not eat healthy foods, your hair loss will not get better. Even though most hair loss is genetic in nature, you need to pay attention to anything and everything that can lead to potential hair growth including watching what you eat.

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